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  • This web site provides a guide to many of the Australian and New Zealand holiday destinations which are dog friendly.   Choose the places you would like to visit, then fax, email or phone the accommodation which sounds the best for you. Some places welcome cats, birds, horses

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  • Each accommodation manager requires certain behaviour and conditions from the dogs and dog owner. Most accommodation destinations urge travelers with dogs to book ahead so they can learn about your dog's character. Do phone them before arriving for your own peace of mind so you can learn the conditions each place requires and the facilities they can provide for your pet.

Always book ahead

  • Health regulations usually forbid pets being allowed inside on-site accommodation in tourist parks or most self-catering accommodation. However not every place provides a suitable place for your pet to sleep away from bad weather. Our little dog slept one night under a table in his box. Luckily the weather was fine, but he would have been very wet and cold had it rained. Many places now can provide kennels or sheltered places. Ask ahead if these are available.

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Please mention this site when you inquire or book. This will benefit all dog owners and make it easier to find dog friendly parks. To talk about this site or to get listed, email Sean. We welcome links to this page. If you have a dog or caravan club web site, please add a link to www.doggyholiday.com

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Please note : The  accommodation listings have been produced with information supplied by the people themselves. Doggy Holiday takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.