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Poppy's Cottage B & B

Malvern Hill, Dangersleigh Rd. NSW 2350
Gold Coast, Half way between Sydney and Brisbane. Clean, well behaved animals are welcome with prior discretion of the owners. Dog kennels available.
Horses welcome by prior arrangement.
Phone (02) 6775 1277 Email
Fax (02) 6775 1308  Website

Pembroke Tourist & Leisure Park
39 Waterfall Way, Armidale  NSW  2350 
Dogs on leash at all times. Not allowed in park accommodation. Droppings to be picked up. Kennels provided. Other pets allowed. Horses welcome on prior arrangement with room for a float but no stables.
Phone (02 6772 6470    Email
Fax (02) 6772 9804   Website

Barrington Tops

Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley
Lodge (Caravan Park and B&B)
311 Upper Monkerai Road, Monkerai Valley NSW 2415 Licensed bar and restaurant with verandah tables for dog owners, inside on colder nights in own lounge. Riverside Campsites, bunkhouse, cabins, spa cabins and a guesthouse.
Dogs allowed inside cabins and spa cabins. Under supervision/control at all times. (Off leash O.K.) Kennels available. Other pets allowed on application. Horses welcome
Phone (02) 4994 7112
Fax (02) 4994 7047

Giba Gunyah Country Cottages

(B&B  and self-catering)
Pollocks Flat Rd, Bemboka, Near Bega NSW 2550
Well mannered house trained pets. Allowed in living area but not on furniture or in bedrooms.  Dispose of your dog's droppings before departure. Dogs to stay in fenced garden unless accompanied by owner.
Kennels provided. Other pets allowed by arrangement. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6492 8404
Fax (02) 6492 8404 Website     

Roses Farm Stay

240 Wattamolla Road, Berry NSW 2535
Between Berry and Kangaroo Valley, 2 hours from Sydney. Cottage on its own 15 acre of a 52 acre farm.
Horses and dogs welcome. Dogs must be under control when outside cottage fence. Dogs allowed inside cottage but not in bedrooms.
Phone (02) 44642384   Email
Fax (02) 44642289  Website

Burrill Lake   

Dolphin Point Tourist Park
Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake    NSW    2539
Dogs must be kept on lead. Must not enter amenities areas or cabins or vans, but may sleep on verandah. $100 bond, refundable. Some other pets allowed, but no cats.
Horses welcome.

Phone 02)44551606    Email  

Bumblebrook Farm
(Motel, farm stay, B&B, and self catering cottage) Kemps Lane, Candelo, via Merimbula,  NSW 2550
Due to farm animals, dogs must be under control of owners at all times. Pets are allowed in rooms - but not on the furniture! Pets should have own bedding. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6493 2238
Fax (02) 6493 2299 Website    

Coffs Harbour   
Coffs Harbour Tourist Caravan Park

123 Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450   
Pets allowed in own vans in designated area only. Must be  on leash at all times. Not in on-site accommodation. Horses welcome
Phone (02) 6652 1694     Email
Fax (02) 6651 3632      Website

(S\C Cottage)
43 L Peak Hill Road, Dubbo NSW 2830
4 kilometers South of Dubbo.
Small dogs and cats allowed inside although not in sleeping area. Large shed and yard available if required as well as dog kennel. Other pets allowed, caged.
Horses welcome
Phone (02) 6882 9892
Email   Website

River Meadows Caravan Park
Cnr Newell Highway and River Road, Forbes NSW 2871
On a leash. Pick up after your own pet. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6852 2694
Fax (02) 6852 2692  Email

Gumly Gumly (near Wagga Wagga)
Allonville Motel

Sturt Highway NSW 2650
Need a place to stable your horse? Why not use our stable facility. We have 6 stables, 4 yards, a wash bay and water. Our stables have housed many a champion horse as well as cattle, goats and even Santa's reindeer
Kennels (Pet vaccination cards required) Travelling overnight with your pet. Our four kennels have given an overnight rest to an assortment of pets including, cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits as well as regular canine variety
Phone (02)69227269  Email
Fax (02)69227447   Website

Hallidays Point
Black Head Beach
(B & B )
23 Woodlands Drive, Hallidays Point  2430
Booking ahead essential. Dogs to be kept under control and on leash. Dogs are not allowed in the house or on the balcony but we do have kennels and enclosed yard. Maximum of two dogs. Owners are encouraged to bring bedding and toys etc. to help animals settle happily in new surroundings. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6559 2134 Email
Fax (02) 6559 2140   Website  

(Self-catering/ B&B)
Alpine Way Threadbo Valley via Jindabyne    NSW 2627

Pets welcome including horses. Dog kennels available

Phone (02) 64562185
Fax (02) 64562060  Website  

Kangaroo Valley
Big Bell Farm Holiday Cabins

1666 Kangaroo Valley Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577
Notify at time of booking. Pets can be kept indoor or outdoor. And don't forget ... your pet is welcome!  
24 acres of land to walk your dog. Running creek on property. Other pets allowed.
Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 4465 1628     Email

Kiah Retreat

Finns Rd, 2km from PO, Kulnura RMB
2248 NSW 2250
Dogs and horses welcome. Dogs to be on a leash. Horses can be stabled or yarded. Phone (02)43761348   Email
Fax (02)43761302  Website

Lake Eucumbene (Snowy Mountains )
Buckenderra Holiday Village

Buckenderra on Lake Eucumbene NSW 2630
Dogs must be kept on a lead and not enter amenities, cabins or cottages at any time. Some breeds not permitted unless Doggy Holiday passport evidence of previous good behavior is tendered. Horses allowed on our adjacent farm, conditions apply. Other pets on application.
Phone (02) 6453 7242   Email
Fax (02) 6453 7202   Website

Christmas Cove Caravan Park

229 Ocean Drive, Laurieton NSW 2443
Dogs & cats on leash at all times in park. No large dogs allowed in cabins. Birds in cages
Horses need own fence
Phone (02)65599086  Email
Fax (02)65599086  Website

Morning Glory River Resort

Gilmours Rd, off Barmah Rd, 35km NE of Echuca, Moama NSW 2731
Pets welcome including horses. Dogs must be on lead around resort area. Dogs are permitted inside cabins if house trained.
Phone (03) 58693357  Email
Fax (03) 58693282   Website

Old Wallinga Country House
65 Wallinga Lane NSW 2850
No hunting type dogs as we are a farm with sheep, cattle and horses in close proximity.
Dogs must have own bedding/kennel/basket and bowls and food. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6372 3129  
Fax (02) 6372 3129   

Sherwoods Cottage
The Oaks, Bingara Road, Narrabri. Halfway between Narrabri and Bingarra. Farm with secure yards and stables. Pets must be restrained around stock or under strict control. Pets allowed inside.
Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6783 4253  
Fax (02) 6783 4206  

Pub Hill Farm
(Farm Stay/ B&B)
566 Scenic Drive Narooma NSW 2546
Clean and well behaved dogs welcome. Allowed inside but not on furniture. Large (2 acre) fenced garden. No persistent barking. Pub Hill won the Five Paw award from "Life Be In It" for the best dog friendly accommodation in NSW 1999-2001
and 2003/2004. Horses welcome.
Phone/Fax (02) 4476 3177

Email   Website

Ninghdoo View Camping and Caravan Park

Bullawa Creek, Kaputar Road NSW 2390
At Manager's discretion. Dogs under supervision at all times. Droppings to be collected. Large aggressive dogs not allowed in park at all, we will refuse admission to the owners. Dogs not allowed in our on-site vans. Cats to be caged 5pm until 8am. Horses, which have the run of a large paddock must be hand fed by their owner. Other pets, e.g. birds, ferrets etc. must be caged 24 hours a day.
Phone (02) 6793 5272


 Riverside Caravan Park

Barrier Highway, Nyngan NSW  2825   
 Pets allowed on leash, under control. Droppings to be removed by owner. Small house trained dogs allowed inside on-site accommodation. Kennels available while you go out for dinner etc. Horses welcome.
 Phone (02) 6832 1729   
 Fax (02) 682 1767  Email

Mimosa Hill Wildflowers

(Self-catering cabin/cottage)
96 Bawley Point Road, Termeil NSW 2539
Kept under control, owners responsible for health and welfare. Allowed inside but not allowed on furniture or beds. Horses welcome.
Phone/Fax  (02) 4457 1421 
 Email    Website

Wagga Wagga

Allonville Motel

Sturt Highway Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Kennels are required to be used by all dogs. No persistent barking. Owners must dispose of droppings. No pets in motel rooms. Other pets welcome including horses.
Phone (02) 6922 7269 Email
Fax (02) 6922 7447 Website




Idlewild Park Farm Accommodation
(Self-catering on farm). RMB 1150, Alexandra Vic 3714
Dogs and cats outside only. Only one dog visiting at a time. Dogs must be kept under control and are not allowed to roam freely at night. There are cattle, sheep, horses and poultry on this farm.
Horses welcome.

Phone (03) 5772 1178 Email
Fax (03) 5772 1203  Website

Maybole Cottage

399 Maintongoon Rd, Vic 3714
Your dogs are most welcome to enjoy your holiday with you. Lots of nice walks and new smells. Please bring your own bedding and bowls. Kennel provided. Well behaved dogs allowed inside.
Horses also welcome.
Phone (03) 5772 1690 
Email   Website

Maroo Park Cottages
1230 Ocean Road, Maroo Park
C/O Geelong Mail Centre Vic 3221

Dogs must be kept quiet and with owner at all times. Allowed inside.
Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 52632889
Fax (03) 52631387  Website   

Wisteria Cottage

Self-contained cabin and stables for 2 horses. North East Victoria on Hume Highway. 15 Minutes South of Albury-Wodonga. Other pets permitted. Pets allowed inside at owner's discretion.

Phone (02) 60267592

Bendigo/Axe Creek
Axton Cottage

Trent Court, Axe Creek Vic 3551
On Farm. Dogs, cats and and birds welcome. Birds to be in cages. Dogs allowed inside but not in bedrooms. Kennels and yard for outside animals. Area available for horses also. On farm fully self contained or bed and breakfast.
Phone (03) 5439 6337 Email
Fax (03) 5439 6482 Website

Crystal Spring Bush Cabins
off Harris Lane, Porepunkah Vic 3740
Dogs are very welcome. Dogs are allowed inside but not on the beds. We are in a farm setting so we require dogs to be well behaved and not harrass our chooks, ducks, horses and other animals. We have thirty mostly bush acres for the dogs to run. There are also great walks down to our river frontage. There are a lot of National parks close by and daytime dog sitting is not a problem.

Horses allowed.
Phone (03) 57562177  Website

Fax (03) 57562809

Freeburgh Cabins and Caravan Pk
1099 Great Alpine Rd, Bright Vic 3741

Pets are welcome if kept on a leash but not allowed inside cabins at any time. Applies all year except Christmas and Easter holidays.
Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 5750 1306   
Fax (03) 5750 1435 
Email    Web Site      

Golden Point Cottage
106 Golden Point Road. Blackwood Vic 3458
Pets allowed inside.
Horses welcome
outside :-)
Paddock and water next to cottage.
Phone (03) 5368 6723

Buchan South   
Stonehenge Park Caravan Park and Museum

Timbarrah - Gillingall Rd, Buchan South Vic 3885
Horses, yards/stables supplied. Dogs under control and in owners sight at all times.
Phone/Fax (03) 5155 9312

Cape Otway
Shearwater Cottages Cape Otway
760 Lighthouse Road, Cape Otway, Victoria 3233 
P.O Box 148 Apollo Bay, Victoria, 3233
Located off the Great Ocean Road, midway between the townships of Apollo Bay & Lavers Hill, & surrounded on all sides by the Otway National Park.
Dogs are very welcome & are allowed inside.  We provide comfy bedding by the fire, bowls, towels & little treats on arrival. In the interests of the koalas & kangaroos that frequent the property, as well as our horses, we request that dogs be with & under the control of their owners at all times while outside. 
Other pets allowed, including horses
Phone  (03) 52 37 9290
Email   Website

Cobden Parlours
Cobden Motel Food and Auto Care
(Motel and Self-cater)
1236 Camperdown Rd, Cobden Vic 3266 Animals must be on leash or in cages Not to be kept in rooms. Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 55951140
Fax (03) 55951146  Email

Deans Marsh
Pennyroyal Farm
(self-catering cabin)
225 Pennyroyal Valley Road, Deans Marsh
(Lorne area, Great Ocean Rd region) Vic 3235

Dogs to be under control . Neutered cats, horses and caged birds allowed
Phone (03) 52363249
Fax (03) 52363249

Mountain Farm B&B Farmstay
(self catering)
School Road, Erica Vic 3825

Friendly dogs welcome. Bring own bedding for inside animals. We provide kennel and bedding for big dogs. Most other pets accepted.
We ajist horses.
Phone (03) 51653358

Fax (03) 51653358    Email

Lavender Farm

100 Pine Avenue, Healesville Vic 3777 By arrangement, Phone first. Dogs need to be well socialized with people and other dogs. They need to be contained at night. Sleep inside or restrained outside under a verandah. Horses and some other pets welcome also.
Phone (03) 59625555  Email
Fax (03) 59621488  Website

Blue Johanna Cottages

225 Blue Johanna Road, Johanna Vic 3233  
Well behaved pets are very welcome, including horses, by prior arrangement and at our discretion. Each cottage has its own private courtyard complete with kennel, bedding and bowl. Dog friendly Johanna Beach is a 5 minute drive from our property. We ask that dogs be kept on a lead while walking around the property. Dogs are welcome inside our cottages
Phone (03)
5237 4224 Email
Fax (03)
5237 4261  Website

Aruma Bed and Breakfast

20 Maines Way, Foster Vic 3960
Dogs are welcome inside if they are well behaved, (not on furniture).  Please bring your dog's bedding or favourite toy, if that will add to his/her holiday. When outside, dogs to remain in enclosed yard, except when on leash. For dogs who are used to being outside we have a comfy kennel in a special garden dog-run. We are close to some national parks, eg Wilsons Prom and Tarra Bulga, and are happy to dog-sit if our human visitors want to go bushwalking. We have ducks, chooks, sheep and alpacas who visiting dogs must respect. Horses welcome.
Phone (03)56821715  Email
Fax (03) 56821716   Website

Yarra Valley Cottages
(B & B) 3555 Mount Slide Road, Kinglake Vic 3763
Pets welcome. Paddock available for horses
Phone (03) 57861684  Email
Fax (03) 57862630  Website

Loch Sport 90 Mile Beach
Holiday Retreat Track

10 Seacombe Rd, Loch Sport Vic 3851 (S/C cottages, cabins & sunrooms)
Dogs allowed under control at all times. To be on a lead while in the park. Horses welcome. Other pets O.K. if in cages.
Phone (03) 51460320
Fax (03) 51460327 Email

Adobe (Mudbrick) Holiday Flats
17 Karbeethong Ave, 4km NW of PO, Mallacoota VIC 3892 (self-catering)
Pets can come inside with Mum and Dad. All pets welcome by prior arrangement. Horses welcome
Email  Website  Phone (03) 5158 0329 

Maldon Holiday Cottages
Location - 28 Sells Lane, Maldon
Postal -RSD Sells Lane, Maldon via Newstead,
Vic 3462

Dogs welcome by prior arrangement. Dogs allowed inside, (conditional.) Kennels provided. Other pets allowed, including horses.. We require pet owners to respect our property, the rights and properties of our neighbours, and the rights of other guests.
Phone (03) 5475 2927  Email
Fax (03) 5475 1515  Website

Milawa Caravan Park

Factory Rd, Milawa Vic 3678
Dogs allowed at manager's discretion, and on a leash. Horses welcome, paddock available.
Phone (03) 5727 3203


Peterborough Coastal Caravan Park
10 Macgillivray Road Peterborough Vic 3270 Pets allowed under control and on leash. Pets not allowed in laundry, in on-site vans or toilets. Dogs to be kept on leads and all droppings to be cleaned up. Paddock available for horses.
Phone (03) 55985294

Pt Albert
Pt Albert Seabank Caravan Park

Old Port Rd, Pt Albert Vic 3971
Dogs allowed on leash at all times. Not allowed in Park accommodation. Droppings to be cleaned up by dog owner.  Pets not to be left unattended in Park. Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 5183 2315

Fax (03) 5183 2414

Park Lane Caravan and
Mobile Home Park
26 - 28 Park Lane, Traralgon Vic 3844
Pets to be kept on leash and under control at all times. Pets to be walked outside park. Areas to be left clean.
Horses welcome

Phone (03) 5174 6749    Email
Fax (03) 5174 6749    Website

Port Fairy

K-Elle Accommodation
B&B and self catering Country Cottage)
9 Baxter Street, Port Fairy Vic 3304

Dogs to be well behaved and droppings cleared by owners. Dogs allowed in games room at cottage, outside at B&B. Dogs to remain in enclosed yard except when on a leash. Kennel available.
Horses and birds in cages welcome.
Phone (03)55682116
Fax (03)55682116   

Tarra Valley, via Yarram
Best Friend Holiday Retreat

Tarra Valley Road Tarra Valley,
via Yarram Vic 3971
Pet rules on website
Kennels provided.
Horses by prior arrangement.
Phone (03) 51861216  
Email     Website

Toorumbarry Weir Holiday Park
835 Weir Rd, Toorumbarry Vic 3562
Pets allowed under control.
Dogs must be on lead in park.

Horses welcome.
Phone/Fax (03) 5487 7277

Wangaratta Caravan and Tourist Park

79 Parfitt Rd, Wangaratta    Vic    3677 
AAA Tourism 4 star
Pets allowed on leash. Clean up after pets.
No animals in our accommodation
Horses welcome.   
Phone (03) 5721 3368   
Fax (03) 5722 3832    Email

Gentle Annie Caravan Park
c/o Post Office, Whitfield Vic 3733
Pets allowed under control all times. Horses welcome by arrangement. Phone (03) 57298205
Fax (03) 57298205

Yea (Junction Hill)
Locarno Bush Retreat (
Self-cater/Farm Stay)
326 Minto Road, Junction Hill via Yea Vic 3717
Dogs must be contained at night and under control at all times. Other pets, including horses welcome by prior arrangement
Phone (03) 5780 1460   Email
Fax (03) 5780 1458   Website

Yendon (via Ballarat)
70 Harbours Road, Yendon Vic 3352
Friendly house-trained pets welcome indoors. Large off-leash areas available.
3 kennels provided. Horses also welcome. Well fenced yard and two paddocks available.
Phone (03) 53417834 Email
Mobile 0407417834   Website

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