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Skenes Creek
Skenes Creek Beachfront Park

Great Ocean Road, Skenes Creek Vic 3233 Dogs must be under control and on a leash at all times.
Phone (03) 5237 6132  Email
Fax (03) 5237 6132  Website

Western Port Harbour Caravan Park
6 Lumeah Rd, Somerville  3912  Vic
Pets allowed at manager's discretion and on a lead at all times. Not in Park accommodation. Droppings to be cleaned up.   
Phone (03) 59773069   Email
Fax (03) 59773344  Website

Swan Hill   
Pioneer City Caravan Park

186 Nyah Rd, Swan Hill Vic  3585 
Dogs allowed at manager's discretion. On leash at all times.
Not in rented accommodation. Not to be left unattended and
walked outside park boundary.  
Phone (03) 5032 4372   
Fax (03) 5032 1513  Email    

Golden Triangle Caravan Park 

Poverty St, Tarnagulla  Vic  3551
Pets allowed on leash.
Owners responsible Other pets allowed.  
Phone (03) 5438 7329  

Tarra Valley, via Yarram
Best Friend Holiday Retreat

Tarra Valley Road Tarra Valley, via Yarram Vic 3971
Australia's first (and only) tourist park especially designed for people travelling with their four-legged best friend. Dogs are allowed inside accommodation. Fully fenced cabins, caravan sites and off-leash areas.For dog  rules please visit our website
Phone (03) 51861216  
Email     Website

Mongans Bridge Camping Park

Bay Creek Lane, Mongans Bridge  Vic 3697   
Dogs allowed under control. On leash while in park.    
Phone (03) 5754 5226


Toora Tourist Park
S Gippsland Highway, Toora  3962  Vic
Pets allowed under control not in onsite accommodation
Phone (03) 5686 2257    Web Site
Fax (03) 5686 2790    Email    


Torrumbarry Weir Holiday Park
835 Weir Rd, Torrumbarry Vic 3562
Pets allowed under control.
Dogs must be on lead in park.

Horses welcome.
Phone/Fax (03) 5487 7277

Park Lane Caravan and
Mobile Home Park
26 - 28 Park Lane, Traralgon Vic 3844
Pets to be kept on leash and under control at all times.
Pets to be walked outside park. Areas to be left clean.
Horses welcome

Phone (03) 5174 6749    Email
Fax (03) 5174 6749    Website

Wangaratta Caravan and Tourist Park

Pets allowed on leash. Clean up after pets.
No animals in our accommodation
Horses welcome.   
Phone (03) 5721 3368   
Fax (03) 5722 3832    Email

Surfside Holiday Park

Pertobe Rd, Warrnambool Vic 3280
Pets allowed by prior arrangement off season only.
Dogs to be on leads and not allowed in
or around cabin areas.
Dogs not to be left unattended
Phone (03) 5561 2611
Fax (03) 5562 7109  Email

Gentle Annie Caravan Park
c/o Post Office, Whitfield Vic 3733
Pets allowed under control all times.
welcome by arrangement.
Phone (03) 5729 8205
Fax (03) 5729 8205

Valley View Caravan Park

6 Valley View Drive, Whitfield Vic 3733
Dogs allowed under control and on leash.
Dogs, cats or birds not allowed in on-site vans or cabins.
Phone (03) 5729 8350
Email    Website


Victoria Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering, Farm Stays

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