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Maldon Caravan Park

Hospital Street, Maldon Vic 3463
Dogs to be under control, not aggressive. Owner to pick up droppings.
Phone (03) 5475 2344
Fax (03) 5475 2344

Marengo/Apollo Bay
Marengo Beachbreak
8 Ocean Drive, Marengo/Apollo Bay Vic 3233.
South West Victoria Apollo Bay. Clean quiet and housetrained. Minimum age 12 months. Up to date with flee and worm treatments and vaccinations. Dogs allowed inside.
Phone (03) 5237 7587 Email

Merbein Caravan Park

Box St, Merbein Vic 3505
Dogs allowed on leash. Other pets allowed by arrangement
Phone (03) 5025 2198
Fax (03) 5025 2019  Email

Milawa Caravan Park

1585 Glenrowan/Myrtleford Road, Milawa Vic 3678. NE Victoria, 15Kms East of Wangaratta, 400mts from Brown Brothers Vineyard. Your hosts are Bronwyn and Richie and the main entrance is next to the phone box Milawa
. Dogs to be kept on a lead. Owners to clean up after animals. Horses welcome, paddock available. Pets allowed only in owners accommodation.
Phone (03) 5727 3203

River Road Caravan Park
199 Ranfurly Way, Mildura, (PO Box 55) Vic 3500
Dogs to be on lead at all times while in the park. Not to be left unattended and noise to be kept to a minimum. Owners to clean up after dogs. Dogs allowed in cabin - BYO bedding, not permitted on furniture. Kennel provided and pets allowed inside at owner's discretion.
Phone (03) 5025 2772

Mildura East
The Palms Caravan Park
Cnr Cowra & Cureton Aves, Mildura East, PO Box 1, Vic 3500
Dogs permitted off season only and at manager's discretion. No dogs allowed in on site accommodation or buildings.
Has dog bath and exercise area.

Phone (03) 50231774 Email

Lakeside Caravan Park
Spring Drive, Mulwala P.O. Box 97 NSW 2647
Dogs are most welcome in our park but must be cleaned up after and on a leash at all times. Dogs are not permitted in cabins due to health regulations.
Phone (03) 5743 2888 Email  
Fax  (03) 5743 2878  Website

Arderns Caravan Park
Willow Grove, Myrtleford Vic 3737
Dogs allowed at manager's discretion
Phone (03) 57521394
Fax (03) 57521394

Riverbank Caravan Park

1 - 5 Park St, Nathalia, Vic 3638
always on a leash. Owners must clean up after pets. No pets inside our vans or units.
Phone (03) 5866 2821
Fax (03) 5866 2824

Black Spur Motel & Caravan Park
262 Maroondah Hwy, Narbethong. Vic., 3778. 88Km from Melbourne central, north east between Healsville and Marysville Vic. Dogs on leash, cats never to go outside. Horses well restrained and away from other horses. Other conditions subject to Park rules and management's discretion. Pets allowed inside (not motel) and provide horse yards.
Phone (03) 5963 7153
Fax (03) 5963 7004 Email

Lakes Bushland Caravan Park

363 Stephenson Road,
Nicholson via Bairnsdale Vic 3882
Pets allowed by prior arrangement, on a lead, not to be left unattended in park. Pet sitting service available.
Phone (03) 5156 8422
Fax (03) 5156 8634  Email



Peterborough Coastal Caravan Park

10 Macgillivray Road
Peterborough Vic 3270
Pets allowed under control and on leash.
Pets not allowed in laundry, in on-site vans or toilets. Dogs to be kept on leads and all droppings to be cleaned up. Paddock available for horses.
Phone (03) 5598 5294

Phillip Island
Cowes Caravan Park
164 Church St, Cowes, Phillip Island  Vic 3922
Pets allowed off peak non-holiday period for caravan and camping sites only. Dogs to stay on leash. Droppings to be wrapped and placed in bin. Other pets allowed.   
Phone (03) 59522211    Email
Fax (03) 59525521    Web Site

Bridge Caravan Park
36 Mt Buffalo Rd. Vic 3740
NorthEast Victoria, One hour from Wangaratta and Albury. Five minute drive to Bright.

Dogs must be on leash at all times and not left unattended. Not allowed in cabins.
Phone (03) 57562380
Fax (03) 5756 2803    Website

Riverview Caravan Park
Mt Buffalo Rd. Vic 3740
Dogs must be well behaved and on a leash at all times. No pets allowed in park rental accommodation.
Phone (03) 5756 2290
Fax (03) 5756 2618    Website

Dutton Way Caravan Park
50 Dutton Way, Portland PO Box 400, Vic 3305
Pets allowed at manager's discretion on a lead and under control. Droppings to be picked up and binned. Not to be left unattended in park.
Phone (03) 55231904

Pt Albert
Pt Albert Seabank Caravan Park

Old Port Rd, Pt Albert Vic 3971
Dogs allowed on leash at all times. Not allowed in Park accommodation. Droppings to be cleaned up by dog owner.  Other pets allowed. Pets not to be left unattended in Park. Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 5183 2315

Fax (03) 5183 2414

Rawson Caravan Park
Depot Rd, Rawson 3825
Dogs must be kept on leash and taken with owner when they leave park at any time. Owners must clean up after dogs. Other pets allowed restrained.
Horses welcome.
Phone (03) 5165 3439
Fax (03) 5165 3111   Email

Swan Bay Caravan Park

3-11 Lock Road, (P.O. Box 8004) Rhyll Vic 3923
Always on a leash. Owners must clean up after dogs. No dogs inside our vans or units.
Phone (03) 5956 9220
Fax (03) 5956 9201

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