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Elliston Caravan Park & Camping Area
2 Flinders Highway  Elliston, 5670    SA
* Dogs must be on leash
* Owners to clean up all droppings immediately
* Barking consistently is unacceptable
* Dogs not to be left tied up and unattended   
Phone (08) 8687 9061  
Fax (08) 8687 9071  
Email   Web Site

Fowlers Bay   
Fowlers Bay Caravan Park
11 The Esplanade  Fowlers Bay, SA 5690    
Dogs must be kept on leash   
Phone (08) 8625 6143   
Fax (08) 8625 6143  Email

Goolwa Caravan Park *  

39 Noble Ave Goolwa North, SA 5214    
Dogs allowed on leash. No pets are permitted in on-site accommodation   
Phone (08) 8555 2737    Email
Fax (08) 8555 1095  Website
*   The web masters visited this site. It meets with our approval. There were many happy and well behaved dogs.



Jamestown Country Retreat Caravan Park
103 Ayr St  Jamestown, SA 5491

Pets allowed on leash. Barking must be controlled.  Droppings to be collected by dog's owner.  No dogs or pets allowed in cabins or on site vans.   
Phone/Fax (08) 8664 0077

Flinders Ranges Caravan Park

Leigh Creek Rd, (Opposite the Old Ghan Railway Station) Hawker, 5434 SA
Dogs allowed on lead at all times at manager's discretion. Dogs not allowed in park accommodation. Kennels provided for dogs while their owners visit the national park. Other pets allowed by arrangement. Horses welcome.
Phone (08) 86484266
Fax (08) 8648 4366  Email

Kapunda Tourist and Leisure Park
11 Montefiore St  Kapunda, SA 5373 

Pets allowed on leash at manager's discretion. Dogs not allowed in on-site accommodation. Droppings to be collected by dogs' owners.
Other pets allowed by arrangement.
Phone (08) 8566 2094
Fax (08) 8566 2095  Email


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