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Balclutha 9200
Naish Park Motor Camp 

56 Charlotte Street
Dog friendly/No prior conditions. All mutts and other caged pets more than welcome. Inside optional. Horses welcome.
Phone 03-4180088  Email
Fax 03-4180767

Montana Lodge Motel

71 Main Street
Must have own bedding or mat for pets to sleep on. Keep under control at all times and clean up after. Dog exercise area available. Other caged pets allowed. Horses welcome
Phone 03-5789259  Email
Fax 03-5789258  Website

Casino Park Lodge Motel

180 Peterborough Street
Bring dogs bedding and water bowl. Toiletting outside in garden. Other caged pets allowed.
Phone 03-3669531 Email
Fax 03-2159555  Website  

Garden Grove Motel

161 North Road
Look after your pets like children. Please bring pet's bedding. Consult while booking.
Phone 03-2159555 Email
Fax 03-2159555  Website

Top 10 Holiday Park

(Motel/hotel, self-catering cabin/cottage)
34 Beach Rd Kaikoura
Dogs should be under control at all times. Not allowed in units. Clean up after them. Other pets allowed 
Phone 03 3195362   Email
Fax 03 3195362  Website

Lumsden Camping Ground

Camping Ground & Caravan Park
10 Albion Street
Phone 03-2487181
Under complete control at night especially.

Manapouri - Fjordland
Manapouri Lakeview Motel & Motor Park

50 Manapouri - Te Anau Rd
Pets are allowed if they do not go into our units (cabins and motels) and if they are not going to disturb others by barking or biting. Owners must dispose of dog droppings. Other pets allowed but not inside units
Phone 03 249 6624 Email
Fax 03 249 6699  Website

Okiwi Bay Holiday Park and Lodge
RD 3 Rai Valley
Dogs must remain on your campsite unless on a lead. No wandering dogs. No dogs inside buildings. Kennels available. Please clean up after your pet. Other caged pets allowed.
Phone 03-5765006  Email
Fax 03-5765005  Website

Riverview Holiday Park Motel Tourist Park
, (Self catering cabins) Riverview Road
Pick up all dog litter. Dogs to be on lead at all times. Not to sleep inside camp accommodation. Can run on river track.
Phone 03-5239591 Email
Fax 03-5239591

Greenacres Motel

Best Island, Richmond
Dogs must not be aggressive or noisy. Dogs allowed inside but not on furniture. Owner must clean up after pets and are responsible for any damage. Other caged pets allowed.
Phone 03-5446166 Email
Fax 03-5446166   Website

Otematata Country Inn

(Self catering Cabins)
11 - 12 Rata Drive
Depending on units available we keep 'doggie' guests apart from other guests in separate units. Please phone to confirm availability.
Phone 03-4387797 Email
Fax 03-4387792 

Blind Billy's Holiday Camp
Motel, Caravans, Camp
Mold Street Middlemarch
Please show vaccination certificates
Phone 03-4643355  Email
Fax 03-4643322  Website

Picton Campervan Park

25 Oxford Street
No noise - must sleep in vehicle at night. All mess to be cleaned up immediately. We reserve the right to refuse any dog.
Phone 03-5738875
Fax 03-5738872   Email

Rapahoe Westland
Rapahoe Beach Motor Camp

10 Hawken Street
Dogs to be kept on leash at own site. Not to go into units or designated areas, eg. toilets. Faeces must be removed. Not to annoy other campers by their barking
Phone 03-7627025  Email
Fax 03-7627025  .

Riverton Southland
Riverton Caravan Park and Holiday Homes
10 Roy St
Under control at all times Pick up all droppings.
Phone 03-2348526

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