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Snowy Mountains
Lake Eucumbene
Buckenderra Holiday Village

Buckenderra on Lake Eucumbene NSW 2630
Dogs must be kept on a lead and not enter amenities, cabins or cottages at any time. Some breeds not permitted unless Doggy Holiday passport evidence of previous good behavior is tendered. Horses allowed on our adjacent farm, conditions apply. Other pets on application.
Phone (02) 6453 7242   Email
Fax (02) 6453 7202   Website

South Kempsey
Southside Caravan Park
317 Pacific Highway, South Kempsey NSW 2440
Pets allowed at manager's discretion.
Phone/Fax(02) 6562 5275    Email

Sussex Inlet
Riverside Caravan Park

Lot 96 Sussex Rd, Sussex Inlet NSW 2540
Under control, on lead and to clean up after animal. Not permitted in cabins or amenities.
Phone/Fax  (02) 4441 2163

Sussex Inlet
Snappy Gums Caravan & Camping Park
187 The Springs Rd, Sussex Inlet NSW 2540
Dogs welcome at discretion of management. Dogs on lead and under control. Droppings to be picked up and disposed of. Pets allowed inside accommodation if in own basket or bed.
Phone (02) 4441 2222
Fax (02) 4441 0999   Email

Countryside Caravan Park

Old Wallagoot Road, Kalaru via Tathra NSW 2550
Dogs must be under strict control at all time and not left unattended.
Not allowed in on-site accommodation. Owners must clean up after their pets.
Phone (02) 6494 1417  Website
Fax (02) 6494 1222  Email

Tenterfield Lodge Caravan Park

2 Manners St, Tenterfield NSW 2372
Pets at manager's discretion, must be kept on a lead, kept quiet and cleaned up after.
Phone (02)67361477  Email
Fax (02)67363552  Website

Tooraweenah Caravan Park

1-6 Bridge St, Tooraweenah NSW 2831
Dogs to be kept on leash. Allowed inside accommodation.
Phone (02)68481133





Tumbarumba Creek Caravan Park
Lauder St, Tumbarumba NSW 2653
Pets allowed on leash at management discretion. Please keep dogs quiet. Owners to clean up after them. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 69483751
Fax (02) 69483751   Email 

Great Lakes Caravan Park

1 Baird St, Tuncurry NSW 2428
Pets to be kept on a leash at all times under strict control.
Phone (02) 6554 6827  Email
Fax (02) 6557 5006   Website

Tuncurry / Foster
Wallamba Waterski, Fishing Lodge & Caravan Park

99 Aquatic Road, North Tuncurry NSW 2428
Dogs must be cleaned up after and on leash at all times. Other pets allowed.
Phone (02) 6554 3123   
Fax (02) 6554 3123   

North Tuncurry
Shalimar Ski & Caravan Park
108 Aquatic Road, North Tuncurry    NSW 2428
All dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. Not in on site accommodation.

Phone (02) 6554 3125
Fax (02) 6554 3411   Website

Avina Van Village

217 Commercial Rd, Vineyard NSW 2765
Dogs on leads at all times. Animals must not enter units at any time. Droppings to be picked up and disposed of in plastic bags.
Phone (02) 96271847  Email
Fax (02) 9838 3046  Website

Wagga Wagga
Forest Hill Caravan Park

Sturt Highway, Forest Hill, Wagga Wagga NSW 2651
Pets at discretion of management and under control at all times
Phone (02) 69227219
Fax (02) 69227272

Wallaga Lake
Wallaga Lake Park

Wallaga Lake Rd, Wallaga Lake NSW 2546
Dogs allowed except Christmas and Easter holidays. Not allowed inside accommodation. Must be on leash at all times. Other pets allowed.
Phone (02 6493 4655  Email
Fax (02) 6493 4379  Website

West Wyalong   

West Wyalong Caravan Park

60 Main St, West Wyalong  NSW  2671
Dogs to be kept on lead at all times. Not allowed in on-site accommodation. Dog faecae to be removed also leftover dog food to be removed.
Phone (02) 69723133   
Fax (02) 69723145    Email

Wooyung Beach   
Wooyung Motel & Caravan Park

Wooyung Rd, Wooyung Beach NSW 2483
c/o PO Crabbe's Creek 2485

No pets in motel. Allowed inside in on-site van only. Dogs must be on leash, kept reasonably quiet. Cannot leave pet unattended. Clean up droppings.   
Phone (02) 66771300
Email   Website    

Wyangala Dam
Wyangala Waters State Park
Wyangala Dam NSW 2808
Dogs not allowed inside accommodation. Must be on a leash at all times. No cats.
Phone (02) 6345 0877
Fax (02) 6345 0897 Website   

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