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Nambucca River Tourist Park

 999 Nursery Rd, Macksville  NSW  2447
Dogs kept on lead at all times and clean up droppings. Not allowed in on-site accommodation. No cats.
Phone (02) 6568 1850    Email
Fax (02) 6568 1546   Website

Jacaranda Country Lodge
292 Wilson Road NSW 2447 Dogs allowed in rooms but not in dining room or lounge. On leash on property.
Phone(02)6568273    Email
Fax (02)65682769   Website

Maldon Caravan Park

Hospital Street, Maldon Vic 3463
Dogs to be under control, not aggressive. Owner to pick up droppings.
Phone (03) 5475 2344
Fax (03) 5475 2344

Cottonwood Holiday Park

Deniliquin St, Moama NSW 2731
No pets if staying in holiday park cabins.
Phone (03) 5480 9253 Email
Fax (03) 5482 1732  Website  

Morning Glory River Resort

Gilmours Rd, off Barmah Rd, 35km NE of Echuca, Moama NSW 2731
Pets welcome including horses. Dogs must be on lead around resort area. Dogs are permitted inside cabins if house trained.
Phone (03) 5869 3357  Email
Fax (03) 5869 3282   Website

Lakeside Caravan Park
Spring Drive, Mulwala P.O. Box 97 NSW 2647
Dogs are most welcome in our park but must be cleaned up after and on a leash at all times. Dogs are not permitted in cabins due to health regulations.
Phone (03) 5743 2888 Email  
Fax  (03) 5743 2878  Website

Lake Burrendong State Park

Fashions Mount Road, Mumbil NSW 2820
Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Droppings to be removed by owner. Not allowed on playground or in any building. May stay on veranda at bungalows.
Phone (02) 6846 7435  Email
Fax (02) 6846 7515  Website

North Beach Caravan Park Beach
Parade, Mylstom NSW 2454
All dogs must be on a leash. No pets in cabins.
Phone (02) 6655 4250   Email
Fax (02) 665504250  Website

Nambucca Heads

Pacific Sands Caravan Park

Swimming Creek Rd, Nambucca Heads  PO Box 80, NSW 2448
Dogs to be on leash. (only 50 metres to a leash free beach) Dogs not allowed in park accommodation. Visit our web site for more information
Phone (02) 6568 6120  Email
Fax (02) 6569 4703    Website  

Nambucca Heads
Pelican Park

Pacific Highway, Nambucca Heads NSW 2448
Dogs allowed on leash. Clean up droppings. Pets allowed in on-site accommodation.

Phone/Fax (02) 6568 6505


Nambucca Heads
White Albatross Holiday Centre
Wellington Drive NSW 2448
To be kept on the leash and under control at all times. Not in on-site accomodation
Phone (02)6568 6468
Email  Website  



Ninghdoo View Camping and Caravan Park

Bullawa Creek, Kaputar Road NSW 2390
At Manager's discretion. Dogs under supervision at all times. Droppings to be collected. Large aggressive dogs not allowed in park at all, we will refuse admission to the owners. Dogs not allowed in our on-site vans. Cats to be caged 5pm until 8am. Horses, which have the run of a large paddock must be hand fed by their owner. Other pets, e.g. birds, ferrets etc. must be caged 24 hours a day.
Phone (02) 6793 5272


Lake Talbot Tourist Park
Gordon St, Narrandera NSW 2700
Pets kept on leash. No animals allowed when staying in park accommodation. Owners must collect all droppings.
Phone (02) 6959 1302 Email
Fax (02) 6959 1949  Website

Narooma Golf Club & Surfbeach Resort
Ballingalla St, Narooma NSW 2546
Pets are not permitted during Christmas and school holidays. Not in cabins or on verandahs at any time
Phone 1800762275 Email
Fax (02) 4476 2336  Website

Riverside Caravan Park

Barrier Highway, Nyngan NSW  2825   
Pets allowed on leash, under control. Droppings to be removed by owner. Small house trained dogs allowed inside selected cabins only. Kennels available while you go out for dinner etc. Horses welcome.
Phone (02) 6832 1729 Email 
Fax (02) 682 1767  Website

Parkes Overnighter
48 Bushman St, Parkes NSW 2870
On Leash at all times. Owner must clean up after pets. Allowed in accommodation at proprioter's discretion.
Phone (02) 6862 1707
Fax (02) 6863 4369 

Port MacQuarie
Flynns Beach Caravan Park
22 Ocean St, Port MacQuarie NSW 2444
Small dogs only.Kept on leash, never unattended, droppings picked up. Not allowed in on-site cabins.
Phone/Fax (02) 6583 5754

Port MacQuarie   
Riverlodge Tourist Village
340 Blackmans Point Rd, Port MacQuarie NSW 2444   
Pets allowed on leash at manager's discretion. Not in our site accommodation
Phone (02) 6585 0264    Email
Fax (02) 6585 0851   Website

Port MacQuarie   
Marina Holiday Park
52-60 Settlement Point Rd, Port MacQuarie  NSW  2444
Pets on leash and kept quiet. Not allowed in on-site accommodation. Must clean up droppings.
Other pets allowed.
Phone (02) 658 3253    Email
Fax (02) 6584 0771   Website 

Raymond Terrace   
Pacific Gardens Van Village

260 Pacific Highway, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324   
Pets allowed on leash at managers discretion. Owners must clean up after pets.
Phone (02) 49872224   
Fax (02) 49872432 

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